Transfer from Málaga Airport to Nerja

You just landed at the airport and, after collecting suitcases, you finally go outside of your destination. And now, how do you get to the center of the city? There is a bus with a line that goes around the airport and another queue of people fighting to get taxis.

You look at a couple in particular: they are two retirees - she is in a wheelchair - and they carry 3 large suitcases. The taxi that has touched them is an old model and the taxi driver does not even get out of the vehicle to help them carry the suitcases to the trunk, to lift the woman to her seat or to fold the wheelchair and keep it. You can only see his elbow leaning against the window with a cigar in his hand, emitting smoke.

You, who have been not there for many hours on the plane, do not want this kind of deal. You look at your suitcases, think about your fatigue and, then, you find the solution almost in front of your face: another couple, younger in this case and with 5 children around them, are accompanied by a uniformed man carrying a sign with the name of the family and they arrive until a minivan. The driver, elegant all the time, climbs on his own suitcases to the trunk and opens the doors of the vehicle for the whole family to climb before leaving.

Yes, you think.

In Nerja Taxi Transfer, you can book online, even before your trip, the transfer from the airport to your destination. Choose between the place of collection and destination, the approximate date and time, the flight number and give us details about the number of people who will travel, whether you want a round trip or not, and some contact information.

Depending on the number of people and luggage, we have Saloon, Minivan and Minibus vehicles. On the other hand, our drivers are trained to give a unique service and that the client feels comfortable with all their needs since leaving the airport until they reach their destination.

Our company has been in the market for more than 30 years, always looking for renewal and improvement to offer a better service to our customers every day. Enter our website, reserve and, if you like our service, do not hesitate to repeat. We will wait for you in the departure area of ​​the airport, with a sign with your name and a big smile.